Verulamium Kingfisher - sun-flower

I heard about a pair of local, wintering Kingfishers at the end of last year. However, it wasn't until 7th February that I was able to get over to take a look. I spent a couple of hours with this unusually confiding female Kingfisher, often less than 5 or 6 metres away. Unfortunately, due to the heavy rainfall and flooding, the River Ver was fast flowing and looked like liquid mud. The poor Kingfisher was struggling to find any clear water in which to fish. She often resorted to seeking out isolated, tiny pools in the thickets on the far edge of the river. This meant that although she was very close, she spent 90% of her time obscured by branches, in a dark little nook (no good for photographs!). Fortunately, she did test out a more exposed, sunny perch for a minute or two, which enabled me to get a few nice shots. I returned again the following day but conditions were much the same, with little chance for photographs. However, on the 9th, the silt in the river had settled and the Kingfisher was once again perching in the open, just a few metres from the public footpath. The final 4 photographs are from that day.