Juvenile Black-tailed Godwits (Startop's) - sun-flower
A pair of juvenile Black-tailed Godwits dropped into the reservoir in late August 2013. They spent most of their first day preening and sleeping on the SW shoreline, not more than 10 metres from the perimeter's public footpath. With careful approach, it was possible to sit on the reservoir wall and watch, enjoy and photograph the birds close up. Ocassionally, they would fly to the south corner to feed, for perhaps 10 minutes, but would return to the same spot to rest, preen and stretch some more. One bird seemed to have an injured leg, not helped by the odd aggressive Mallard defending its sleeping area. In the following days, the birds were far more active. They spent most of their time in the south corner, feeding in the shallows, before eventually leaving to continue on their migration.